Tea & Cake

Lots of yummy tea party inspired items perfect for picnics in the garden and tea and cake on the terrace.

Elegant china, chunky pottery, stunning fabrics and quirky cake stands make for a kitsch and quaint summer garden party.

Take a peek at these stunning little treasures x

Bright Floral Espresso Cups – £20.00 from Lou Peajeux on Folksy

Butterfly Pot with Spoon – £28.00 from Julia Smith Ceramics from Folksy

Tea Cup with Heart Handle – £4.50 from Caractacus Pots from Folksy

Retro Vinyl Cake Stand – £18.00 from ClaraBows on Folksy

Tea Party Bunting – £10.95 from Handmade by Sarah Howarth on Folksy

Biscuit Soap Set – £2.75 from Bits N Bobs from Folksy

Summer Cupcakes Cushion – £20.00 Noahs Ark Crafts from Folksy


Oh Baby…

I couldn’t resist a post on my Fave baby shops on Folksy with all their cutesy loveliness, I promise it won’t become a regular occurence so humour me whilst I flap and coo over all things teeny-tiny.

Snug Booties – £10.95 from Little Gadabouts on Folksy

Alice in Wonderland Organic Baby T-Shirt – £15.00 from Velvetiny on Folksy

Hand Knitted Monkey – £40.00 from Boo-biloo on Folksy

Baby Booties – £14.95 from FunkyShapes on Folksy

Washcloths & Socks Baby Cupcakes – £12.99 from MariMadi on Folksy

Baby Booties – £26.00 from Betty P on Folksy

Linen Pinafore Dress – £25.00 from Thepinkfairycake on Folksy

Baby Blanket – £10.00 from Topsie on Folksy

Baby Dribble Bib – £4.99 from Bebe Boutique on Folksy

Betsy Bunny – £20.00 from The Linen Cat on Folksy

Spring clean that wallet!

After a long absence…

The Pretty Panda is BACK!

I have been off the radar since December after discovering I am expecting my first baby. With my head spinning with what type of reusable nappies I want to buy and which brand of cot will match the wall colours, etc, there hasn’t been alot of room for rational thought or creative spending.

Now I am settling into my final Trimester I am getting back into being a shop-a-holic and have compiled a list of Quaint and Cute Handmade beauties to stock up on before the summer arrives for days out, picnics and rainy days on the sofa, take a peek x

Button Jute Shopping Bag – £7.00 from Beaky on Folksy

Polka dot Flower brooch – £4.00 from Belle & The Bean on Folksy

Toadstool Plush – £14.00 from Librarian Barbarian on Folksy

Cute Vintage Patchwork Union Jack Cushion – £15.00 from Patchwork Jack on Folksy

Colourful Black Edged Crocheted Granny Blanket – £40.00 from Fuzzles on Folksy

Floral Print Summer Dress – £35.00 from Neopolitan Dreams on Folksy

Butterfly & Blooms Whimsical Sewn Necklace – £25.00 from Gracie’s Garden Bazaar on Folksy

Heartfelt Mugs – £8.00 from Josie Handmade on Folksy

Cerise Pink Raspberry Crochet Tea cosy – £12.99 from Magic Minky on Folksy

“Deck the Halls…”

With December arriving tomorrow, most of us will soon be raiding our lofts for the Christmas tree or venturing out into the cold to buy a real one.  Once the Christmas lights have been untangled and painstakingly arranged it is time to get out the baubles, tinsel and decorations and start the festivities, Mince Pies and Mulled wine for me please, in the last few years I have moved so many times that we haven’t either had or been able to find our tree amongst all the mess so I have 3 or 4 artificial trees of varying sizes and endless colourways of decorations, despite this I will definitely be adding to our collection of decorations with some of the following gorgeous creations this year, take a peek:

Christmas Tree Garland – £22.00 by Kirsty Elson Designs on Folksy

Hand Knitted Rudolph the Reindeer Bauble – £6.00 from Little Pudding on Folksy

An adorable festive owl – £8.00 from Chain of Snow Daisies on Folksy

Merry Christmas Bunting – £9.95 from Handmade by Sarah Howarth on Folksy

“Dec your doors with Balls of Woolly” Christmas Wreath – £24.50 from Mrs B on Folksy

Felt Gingerbread Man Christmas Decoration – £2.50 from Granny Ruth’s on Folksy

Crochet Christmas Wreaths – £8.00 from Sophie Cat on Folksy

Warm knits to wrap up your bits…

With the dark mornings and the even darker early evenings taking over venturing outside means layers and layers of heavy clothing and little in the way of accessories. Well fear not! I have compiled a list of gorgeous winter woolies that are great for teaming up with your winter thermals take a peek:

Lambswool Robot Pom Pom Scarf – £37.00 from Sara Carr on Folksy

“Let it Snow” Hooded Winter Scarf – £38.00 from Mrs. B on Folksy

White Beret – £8.00 from elgee, fiNk and ash on Folksy

I love autumn! crochet hat – £12.00 from Lullaby Bunny on Folksy

Autumn legwarmers – £10.00 from handmade by helen on Folksy

Chunky cable woollen gloves – £12.00 from amandajeancrafts on Folksy

Ladies Green Wrap – £35.00  from KNITS ‘n’ bits…Handmade by j& j

Long Winter Socks – £25.50 from Legyviel in Rivendell on Folksy

My Favourite Folksy Winter Woolly purchase

Bright Red Coffee Cup Cozy Sling – £12.00 from Dolly Knits on Folksy

Perfect for carrying the Gingerbread Latte back to the office x

Looks good enough to eat…

If your desperately trying to lose weight to fit into that Christmas Party dress you had better look away now as this post is all about the temptingly tasty non-edible handmade treats available on the web at the moment. From Sweets to Fruit, to pastries there is a delectable delight creatively designed to make you dribble with desire take a peek:

Doughnut earrings – £6.00 by Cherry Loco on Folksy

Jammie Dodger Brooch – £5.00 by Homemade Home

Cupcake – Black Forest ‘flavour’ – £16.00 by WoollyDuck on Folksy

Jelly Baby Buttons (pack of 3) – £2.50 from Lillie’s Handcrafted Lovelies on Folksy

Chocolate dipped Strawberry Sparklers – Xmas Decorations / Pin Cushions (Set of 3) – £5.00 from Feltique on Folksy

GingerBread Man soaps – £2.50 LilyWhites-Handmade on Folksy

When you go down to the woods today…

There appears to be something strange taking over the craft site Folksy at the moment…

After searching for a ‘quirky’ teddy as a joke present for a friend recently I noticed that there were a growing number of sellers offering unusual dolls/teddies/plushies* (*delete as applicable) which are quite obviously not for children, but for adults. They range from the downright peculiar to the eerily cute and the trend is growing with sites dedicated to photo blogs of their adventures and even tutorials on how to create your own bundle of fluff and tat. By mostly recycling old socks, jumpers and left over scraps of materials these unusual beings are birthed with great attention to detail and character. Perhaps the designers are nurturing their inner freak and expressing their ideas through polyester and buttons, who knows, but one thing I am sure of is that the quirky bunch below are most definitely creeping onto a list of my most wanted items this Christmas…

Conjoined Tripod Monster – £18.00  Handmade by OrangeyFish Plush on Folksy

Randy Nigel, The Gimp Bunny – £14.50 Handmade by SNARLZ on Folksy

Boombox Monster – £6.50 Handmade by the Little Zoo of Misfits on Folksy

Sock Creature – £15.00 Handmade by Tee Originals on Folksy

Cheeky Monkey – £12.00 Handmade by Squiggly Monkey on Folksy

Monster Takeout Make your own Sock Monster – £15.00 from Made by Kate on Folksy

Kitsch vs Vintage?

“kitsch – noun

art, decorative objects or design considered by many people to be ugly, without style, or false but enjoyed by other people, often because they are funny”

Perhaps the reason why so many designers choose not to use the word Kitsch is due to it’s literal meaning, a more preferable word appears to be Vintage.

There are so many designers who like to use the word Vintage to promote their design to a consumer who demands originality with a hint of decades/centuries past, yet when you look at the various websites offering Kitsch products they accutely resemble designs of a previous era, therefore are they not also vintage?

Perhaps Kitsch can be seen as an exaggerated form of Vintage, using key elements from a specific era and then bringing it up to date with an extra splash of colour or by conjoining the design with a more modern twist. Maybe it is poking fun at the past by making ‘Tatt’ desirable, items from times gone by with little or no appeal which are now curiosities and considered alternative even fashionable.

You decide, I have taken a peek at several items both Vintage and Kitsch and compiled them below


My Little Pony Charm Necklace – £6.00 combining childhood fantasy and media this necklace is quirky and fun, dig out the leg warmers and pay tribute to the 80s!


Carousel Horse Vintage Style Necklace – £15.00 Fairground fantasy with a vintage twist, the brass effect chain and aged design of the horse is classic and a fitting tribute to a bygone era.


Lips Phone – £24.00 A quirky twist to an everyday household item, gorgeously chic and 50’s/80’s inspired.


GPO Dial Telephones in Bakelite available from a multitude of sellers in various colours on Ebay prices from £5-£100 for a reconditioned unit. The old ringing noise is enough to make you all nostalgic.



Lavish Swallow Compact Mirror – £4.99 A tasteful 20’s/30’s inspired compact mirror perfect for slipping in the handbag for touch-ups.


Vintage Floral Compact Mirror – $20.00 stunning compact with floral design and original features, luxury for your handbag.


Dixie 50’s Swing Dress – £31.50 50’s inspired swing dress with pin-up and polka dot print, stunning and very eyecatching.


Black and White Polka Dot Frock – £75.00 Stunning full skirt with polkadot pattern and ruffled top classy and elegant!

Only 30 shopping days left until Christmas!

Combining originality and creativity I have compiled a list of items not on the highstreet that no-one will be disappointed to receive this Christmas. With only 30 shopping days left to go and the doom and gloom of the recent weather this list is easily accessible from your sofa, desk or duvet via your internet connection, so grab your debit/credit card and on your marks, get set, GO! 

Gifts for Teens

For Her:

Sunshine and Cloud Ring – £5.00 from A Cup of Sea on Folksy quirky and original and such an amazing bargain, also available in the range a more apt for the british weather ‘Lightning Bolt & Cloud Ring’

Boom Box Bag  – £20.00 available in several colours from www.DollyDagger.co.uk  and not only can it be used as a bag but it has real speakers at the front to play music from your MP3 through! These are sold out on most sites so grab it quick before they are all gone!  Walkman Radio Bag – you can also buy a smaller purse size version for a budget price of £10.00.

Rainbow Gadget Cozy – £15.50 from Handmade by Clara Luna – The Rainbow Room on Folksy adorable and quirky a great handmade accessory.

For him:

6 in 1 Solar Robot Kit – £12.99 from www.IWantOneOfThose.com This should keep him busy on Christmas morning and is great for anyone with a budding interest in Science and Robots, “you can build the kit 6 different ways which means once you’ve finished making one robot, you can take it apart and turn it into a solar powered boat, windmill, or car and that’s just 3 of them”


Nut and Bolt Memory Stick – £19.50 Handmade by Tree Gems on Folksy a novelty present for the techie in the family.

MP3 Case/Cover –  £20.00 Cool leather handmade pouch from Beautiful Skin on Folksy, retro and great for keeping the scratches away from the I-Pod!

Gifts for the not-so-grown-up, Grown-ups

For Her:

Black and gold jewelled headband – £10.00 Gorgeous and stylish, perfect for that New Years Eve party. Handmade by Pegg Lane on Folksy.

clickIT collar – £19.00 Original and gorgeous, something different but totally useful in the cold handmade by iLEAiYE on Folksy.

Scooter Clutch – £24.00 Vintage styling and stunningly creative if she doesn’t have it, she won’t be happy! Handmade by The Print Tree on Folksy.

For Him:

Cedarwood & Citrus Organic Shaving Gift Set – £15.59 Refreshing organic products from Scotland, perfect for the gentlemens bathroom routine, created by the Audhill Soap Company on Folksy

Mr. Britain blue tshirt – £14.00 Handmade screen printed tee from She draws on Folksy.

Monopoly Board Game Notebook – £10.00 Original and fun, handmade by Katie Makes on Folksy.